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ALtube is a special desktop variant of our light model ALcode LT real time print and apply system, chosen for its compact dimension, and developed as a special semi automatic print and apply machine.

Desktop Print & Apply Syringe Flag Labelling Machine


Designed to 'flag' apply labels to a variety of diameter tubes, with unique labels printed with real time label information such as text and barcodes, it is a good example of our ability to design and manufacture custom labelling solutions for specific customer requirements.

ALtube was originally designed for syringes, printing patient specific drug information on to the label before instantaneously flagging the label around the syringe, with no adjustment required (other than to grip the syringe in the holding jig) to apply the label.

ALtube can also be used for flag labelling with any flat sided cylindrical product - such as cables or tubes, and can also be supplied with more basic application systems, for print and apply top or side labelling in a semi automatic format.

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