ALpeel is a desktop industrial label dispenser, designed to automatically peel and present roll format self adhesive labels from their backing liner for manual label application.

Semi automatic label dispenser

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ALpeel is a fully metallised industrial label dispenser which is easy to operate and extremely flexible, working with virtually any type of label commonly in use.

It can dramatically improve the efficiency of many manual label application tasks, often providing the best compromise on the rare occasion it is either not possible or not cost effective to implement a fully automatic labelling solution.

Fully motorised, ALpeel operates via peeling and presenting the label off its backing paper on a one-for-one basis, indexing the reel automatically either as the last label is removed or when manually prompted by the operator. It can accommodate label reels up to an impressive 300mm outside diameter which is significantly more than even the highest capacity desktop label printer, meaning you can be sure your label reel will fit the unit.

ALpeel It is available in two model widths, depending on the leading edge dimension of the label. These are:

  • up to 100 mm
  • up to 200 mm

The minimum recommended pitch of the label is 15mm. The maximum length is 600mm (300mm ALpeel Compact).

ALpeel in Detail

ALpeel Photocell

The standard ALpeel unit is fitted with a fixed position self learning photocell label sensor which automatically detects the contrast difference between the label and its carrier backing paper, presenting the label on the peeler almost fully dispensed for easy removal. After the label is removed the next label will be automatically dispensed.

ALpeel Microswitch

Where circular/shaped and/or transparent labels are required to be dispensed, ALpeel can be supplied with a moveable (i.e. allowing it to be positioned on the arc of a circle or shaped label to correctly stop the label on the peeler) mechanical micro switch label sensor in lieu of the standard photocell.

The mechanical sensor detects the difference in the label thickness from the backing paper rather than the contrast difference. However it should be noted that the micro switch version of the machine includes a 'clicker' which requires pressing for the next label to be dispensed (can normally be activated as the last label is removed) rather than auto advancing as per the photocell version.

Counter & Battery Options

Further options for ALpeel include a pre-selection counter - i.e. to dispense a definable quantity of labels, and a battery pack with handle, to allow up to 4 hours of autonomous operation, with built in battery charger mounted internally next to the units control card.

As standard all models also include a manual jog function button positioned on the front of the machine and an acoustic alarm in the event of label reel end or break.

ALpeel Compact

A special ultra compact version of ALpeel is also available for customers tight on space or not requiring such an industrial machine; e.g. for use in a office.

This version of ALpeel is only available with a photocell label sensor; i.e. it can only be used with non-transparent opaque labels measuring up to a maximum 100mm leading edge.

The ultra compact design also means the maximum diameter of the label reel is reduced to 180mm diameter on a minimum 25mm core.

Key Features

  • Automatic label peeling machine; peels the label from its backing paper and presents it to the operator for manual application
  • Ideal for labelling requirements which cannot be fully automated either due to complexity or cost
  • Photocell version for non transparent, opaque labels
  • Microswitch version for transparent labels and/or circular or special shaped labels
  • Compact version for small label reels and/or office environments

Technical Specifications

Label Width 15-100 mm
Label length 15-600 mm
Speed 10-15 m/m
Roll diameter 300 mm
Core diameter 38-110 mm
Supply voltage 230Vac - 50Hz
Power consumption 30 W
Dimensions 330x410x370 (H)
Weight 9.7 Kg
Label Width 15-200 mm
Label length 15-600 mm
Speed 10-15 m/m
Roll diameter 300 mm
Core diameter 38-110 mm
Supply voltage 230Vac - 50Hz
Power consumption 30 W
Dimensions 430x410x370 (H)
Weight 11 Kg
Label Width 15-100 mm
Label length 15-150 mm
Speed 5-10 m/m
Roll diameter 150 mm
Core diameter 25-76
Supply voltage 24Vcc
Power consumption 30 W
Dimensions 173x233x280 (H)
Weight 4 Kg