ALcount is a 'reel to reel' label winding system, designed for counting and /or inspecting labels in an offline standalone process.

Reel to Reel Label Counting/Inspection System

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ALcount is a reel to reel unwind / rewind system for roll format labels with the facility to count a set quantity of labels and/or check for missing labels on the reel.

In more detail the unit can:

  • Rewind labels clockwise or anti-clockwise and with different core diameters
  • Can count labels up or down or to a pre set value
  • Can check for label presence on the reel and stop if a label is missing
  • Can be integrated with a smart vision sensor or vision camera to check text or pattern match
  • Can be integrated with a barcode verifier to check for barcode readability
  • Can be used as a simple label rewinder - to change the leading hand of the label (e.g. for customer applying wraparound labels)

ALcount in Detail

ALcount has two standard modes of operation:

When working as a rewinder the unit can rewind reel format labels of a maximum 300 mm diameter, wound either face in or face out, with a core diameter ranging from 40 to 110 mm. The maximum rewinding speed is over 50 mt/min.

When working as a control device, a photocell will not only count the labels but also check their presence on the reel, with an audible signal and automatic stop function where a missing label is detected. An ultrasonic detector is available for processing transparent labels as well as smart vision sensors and/or barcode check scanners for printed label inspection.

Key Features

  • Checking and/or counting of labels on the reel by photocell with auto stop and audio alarm on missing label detection
  • Can be specified with a barcode scanner and/or vision smart sensors for printed label inspection large capacity 300mm reels
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise running
  • Up to 50m/min rewinding speed

Technical Specifications

Max label width 150mm
Roll diameter 300mm
Power supply 230 V ac – 50 Hz
Dimensions 850 x 350 x 380 (H)
Speed Variable depending on the rewinding diameter
Spindle diameter 40 to 110 mm
Power consumption 150 W
Weight 30 kg