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ALmatic is a premium quality high precision desktop wraparound labelling system, complementing our entry level ALwrap unit, able to label an even wider diameter range of products down to just 12mm and configurable with the full range of accessories available to our fully automatic machines.

High Precision Desktop Wraparound Labelling Machine


ALmatic is a high precision semi automatic desktop labelling machine for the application of self-adhesive labels to flat sided non conical cylindrical products. It is very simple to operate merely by sliding the product on high quality linear roller bearing assembly, in to the three roller drive of the application position, rotating the product at high speed for partial or full wraparound label application.

Based on the same mechanical drive system as our fully automatic machines, ALmatic offers an extremely high quality and precise labelling solution, compatible with the full range of label coding and/or checking systems available with these machines. For example, ALmatic can be fitted with a pharmacode laser scanner and/or inline thermal printer for batch, date code and/or 2d matrix printing, making it extremely well suited to pharmaceutical applications.

Another key strength of ALmatic is its ability to be configured for small diameter products or even products with protrusions, requiring a special roller arrangement where perhaps our more standard ALwrap machine would not be suitable. Of course, where needed ALmatic can be fitted with an ultrasonic or mechanical label sensor for transparent label stocks.

The fact that ALmatic is based on what is effectively a fully automatic labelling head; the same head for example that we might use in one of our ALbelt machines such as an ALbelt C, offers the particularly interesting possibility of allowing the future upgrade patch to a more automated conveyor based solution for customers with growing labelling volumes.

Key Features

  • Premium quality desktop wraparound labelling machine
  • High accuracy labelling on products down to just 12mm diameter
  • Ideal for the pharmaceutical market; can be supplied with IQ/0Q validation
  • Full range options as available with our fully automatic machines including transparent sensors and full inline print engines

Technical Specification:

Table top support with vertical hand wheel adjustment bracket


Choice of labelling head; ALstep E, S, M (100mm, 200mm), ALritma L (300mm)


Powered rollers system to accept product from 12 to 110 mm diameter


Sliding system for product positioning with automatic machine activation sensor

Example Configurations