ALritma is a high performance self-adhesive label applicator for labelling applications where production speed and placement accuracy are primary needs. It offers a label application speed of up to 40m/min (or up to 500 products per min dependent on label size and pitch) and a placement accuracy of better than +/- 1mm.

High Performance, High Precision Label Applicator


ALritma’s IP55 rated innovative mechanical structure can be orientated in any rotation and is ultra robust, suitable for business critical applications in even the harshest industrial environments.

It is available in three versions, S, M and L, for label leading edge widths up to 100, 200 and 300 mm respectively and is controlled by an separate mounted intuitive multi language touch screen control system with a host of advanced functions for even the most demanding labelling applications.

Designed in a modular manor, ALritma includes a comprehensive selection of application options to solve even the most complex label application requirements.

ALritma’s powerful microprocessor controller provides the user with all the most common adjustment functions in one simple main screen. Once set these functions can then be saved for up to 40 product/label combinations, considerably simplifying and speeding product changeovers.

A few of our standard label application solutions include:

On the very rare occasion where a standard application solution does not exist, we have the experience and expertise to design custom label application solutions or machine configurations.

ALritma in Detail

Control Box Functions

Further control functions include:

  • Pre-dispensing adjustment (to align variable label length to the end of the peeler bar)
  • Adjustment of label dispensing speed in 0.1meter increments
  • Labelling delay adjustment in 0.1mm increments (999mm max delay) with products shift register
  • Storing of up to 40 different label/product formats with application definable name (e.g. 1 Ltr)
  • Automatic recovery of missing labels on the reel
  • Progressive and regressive “products labelled” counter
  • Automatic removal of double product detection (via sensor adjustable sensor inhibit function)
  • Label “Flag” function - e.g. for C- wrap labelling
  • Real time labelling delay algorithm for perfect label placement, even with speed variation (with optional encoder)
  • End-of-roll alarm and web break alarm
  • Output connection to other systems (e.g. to stop the packaging line in case of error)

Additionally, ALritma can be equipped with an array of ancillary devices to solve specific labelling problems, such as:

Ancillary Devices

Additionally, ALritma can be equipped with an array of ancillary devices to solve specific labelling problems, such as:

*options can be retrofitted with no major mechanical modifications after the machine has been installed.

Key Features

  • High performance machine with touch screen controller
  • Up to 40m/min max application speed (or more than 350 labels p/min dependent on label size & placement pitch)
  • 100mm (S), 200mm (M) & 300mm (L) label width options
  • Modular design with comprehensive array of application systems for almost any application
  • Possibility to retrofit TT print engine (ALritma T)
  • Advanced functions - ‘sensor inhibit’ & ‘multi-label’

Technical Specifications

Max Label Width 100mm (S), 200mm (M), 300mm (L)
Control Display Touch Screen
Machine Body Protection IP54
Standard Alarms End Of Roll / Web Break / Drive Open
Near end of roll check Optional
Encoder Optional
Hot foil/ Intermittent TT Printing (e.g. Markem) Optional
Full inline TT/DT printer (e.g. Sato/Zebra) Optional
Max Line Speed 40mt/min
Memory Capacity 40 Formats
Unwind unit Ø 300 (opt 350 | 400) mm
Missing label recovery Standard
Pneumatics applicator Optional
Transparent label sensor Optional
Power Consumption 400 W
Power Supply 240 V - 50 Hz

Example Configurations