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ALtamp is a desktop pneumatic application system for high precision labelling of usually flat sided products, either combined with a slide operated jig or foot operation switch for labelling in specific positions or recesses.

Desktop Tamp Labelling Machine (for top or side labelling)


ALtamp systems are highly accurate desktop labelling solutions, incorporating a custom designed jig mechanism to precisely position product to the labelling head, with simple activation merely by sliding this jig in to the labelling position.

ALtamp is ideal for small batch high precision labelling operations, requiring a desktop machine with a highly compact footprint. They are based on the same basic chassis structure as our proven ALstep labelling head, with label application via a vacuum tamp assembly, dispensing the label from the peeler of the label applicator where it is held by vacuum on the tamp before extending and applying the label by contact.

We are also able to offer desktop print and apply solutions should you so require. See our ALprint solutions for an example of this.

Key Features

  • Desktop 'tamp' labelling system
  • For high precision and/or small batch flat product labelling
  • Custom jig product holding systems