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ALwrap is a robust, low cost semi automatic cylindrical product desktop wraparound labelling system. It is an ideal entry level machine for a wide variety of round containers such as bottles, jars, tubes and any other non tapered cylindrical product.

Low Cost Desktop Wraparound Labelling Machine


ALwrap is a desktop wraparound labelling machine which was developed specifically for applications requiring an economical, but accurate cylindrical product labelling system for products ranging from 14mm to 130mm standard; to be labelled with labels up to 200mm in height on the product, making it one of the most flexible machines of its type available on the market.

Key to this flexibility is its three roller application system, pinching the product accurately between two lower and one upper roller to ensure smooth and accurate rotation as the label is fed on to the product, even with small diameter and/or light products.

ALwrap includes a powerful LCD controller, allowing setting of all the labelling parameters electronically, including the ability to apply two labels per product ‘front-back’ in a single product placement if required. Once set, product setup ‘recipes’ can be stored and recalled between products and the controller includes many useful functions such as a labelled product counter etc.

Where a label is required to be applied into a recess, ALwrap has the functionality to proportionally reduce the dispensing speed as compared to the product rotation speed so as to match the real rotation speed of the recessed area: an advanced control function very few other semi automated machines feature, instead relying on crude o-rings etc on the rollers to space the product because the feed speed is fixed to the rotation speed.

ALwrap is extremely easy to load and operate; only rotating the product when the third roller unit is placed down on the product rather than rotating continuously like many machines which can make the machine difficult to load. Adjustment between products is completed by easy to move slide systems, with a typical label application speed of less than 2 seconds with most products.

Key Features

  • Entry level desktop wraparound machine
  • For cylindrical products with straight sides (non tapered)
  • LCD HMI control system
  • Ideal for jars, bottles and cans
  • 14mm to 130mm diameter, 200mm max height

Technical Specifications

Product diameter 14-130 mm
Label width 15-200 mm
Label length 15-600 mm
Speed (rotation speed) 4 to 15 m/m
Max roll diameter 300 mm
Core diameter 38-110 mm
Supply voltage 230 Vac-50Hz

Example Configurations