ALcode is an industrial printer applicator designed to automatically print and apply self adhesive labels in real time 'one to one' (last label printed is the label applied) quickly, efficiently and reliably.

'One-to-One' Print & Apply Labelling Machine


ALcode is an industrial printer applicator designed to automatically print and apply self adhesive labels in real time 'one to one' (last label printed is the label applied) quickly, efficiently and reliably.

It is well proven in a variety of variable data printing labelling applications, from logistics carton and tote labelling, to primary product ready meal or fresh produce labelling, capable of operating in even the harshest industrial environments on a 24/7 basis.

Compatible with almost all host IT systems, ALcode labelling machines are simple to integrate with existing production equipment and business process control software systems (such as SAP) via a range of interface options including Ethernet and Wireless.

Where a PC or host connection is either not available or not suitable for the application – e.g. in a chilled environment, where real time batch or shift data needs entering at the point of print, ALcode can also be provided with a choice of local print control solutions potentially allowing complete stand alone operation if desired.

Key to ALcode's ease of integration is it use of the various OEM thermal print engines from the internationally renowned manufacturer, SATO, developers of the first ever dedicated thermal print engine, offering industry standard Windows drivers and command languages as well as both direct thermal or thermal transfer (with ribbon) print and the ability to hot swap printers on multi unit sites.

The printers also offer industry best data processing and print speeds of up to 400mm/sec (16 i.p.s) with print resolutions up to a super fine 609 dpi, available in 4", 5" or 6" print width variants, backed by some of the lowest costs of ownership of any printer and the possibility of advanced options such as 'ribbon save' and interchangeable print head resolutions (e.g. start with a 200dpi machine and upgrade to 300dpi without needing a new machine).

Where requested, ALcode can also be specified with alternate OEM print engines from such manufacturers as ZEBRA, and DATAMAX to name but a few, with their respective print resolutions and control interface options.

Two basic models of ALcode exist:-

Our well proven PLC managed machine, which is ideal for logistics and warehouse applications, where machines have a set label application task to complete and no user settings to adjust (e.g. the application of a shipping label to a carton or tote in automated distribution warehouse).

Or our advanced touch screen controlled 'TS' model, which provides unique functionality not normally found on most one-to-one machines, ideal for applications requiring regular operator interaction.

ALcode in Detail

ALcode TS Touch Screen
  • Format save function – allowing complete label setups to be stored and recalled
  • Variable application delay – allowing positioning of labels without moving sensors
  • Ability to adjust virtually all application parameters – e.g. application blow time, print delay etc
  • Ability to modify the application sequence logic – via simple graphic interface rather than complex PLC programming. (e.g. wait with piston in or wait with piston out)
  • To provide definable outputs to connected devices – with graphic condition display.
  • To allow the machine to be switch between manual & auto – for simple setup and test

ALcode is designed in a fully modular manor with a comprehensive range of pneumatic label application systems allowing label application on virtually any face of a product and at any linear speed.

Application Solutions Available

Some common examples of our application solutions available include:

Application solutions are chosen according to the speed requirement of the line, surface finish of the product, and label sizes and types to be applied. On the rare occasion a standard application does not exist, we have the skills and professionalism to design a special solution to meet the customers exact labelling requirements.

In choosing ALcode for your print and apply labelling machine needs, you can be assured that the mechanics, pneumatics and electronics have been suitably designed and constructed to meet typical requirements of machines operating in an industrial environment, matching reliability, with user friendliness, accessibility and interchange ability.

Key Features

  • High performance industrial ‘one-to-one’ machine, for 24/7 line critical applications
  • Single function PLC or multi product touch screen (for easy parameter adjustment)
  • Unparalleled range of module application solutions - label application to any face at virtually any line speed
  • Choice of OEM TT industrial print engines from world leading manufacturers for ultimate printing & integration

Technical Specifications

Print Type Thermal Transfer
Interfaces RS232C, Parallel, USB, RS422/RS485/LAN/Wireless
Applicator Type Pneumatic
Possible configurations Air-blow with or without piston
Swinging roller

By contact tamp

Rotary arm (front/rear)

High pressure air blast
Swinging arm
Vacuum belt
Special application solutions
Production speed Up to 100 label/min depending on label size and on the applicator configuration
Label roll diameter 300 mm (option: 400 mm)
Power supply 220V, 50 Hz, 800W
Pneumatic Feeding 5 bars, 50 litre/min

SATO Engine

Max. label width S8408 - 131mm

S8412 - 131 mm

S8424 – 131mm
M8460Se - 165 mm
Print width S8408 - 104 mm

S8412 - 104 mm
S8424 – 104mm

8460Se - 152 mm
Resolution S8408 - 203 dpi

S8412 - 305 dpi
S8424 – 609 dpi

8460Se - 203 dpi
Print speed S8408 - 406.4 mm/sec (16 ips)

S8412 - 355.6 mm/sec (14 ips)
S8424 - 152mm/sec (6 ips)

8460Se - 200 Dpi 200 mm/sec (8ips)

Zebra Engine

Max. label width ZE500 4” - 114 mm

ZE500 6”- 180mm
Print width ZE500 4” - 104 mm

ZE500 6”- 168mm
Resolution ZE500 4” – 203dpi
ZE500 4” – 305dpi

ZE500 6”- 203dpi
ZE500 6”- 305dpi
Print speed 305mm (12ips) (203dpi)
254mm (10 ips) (300dpi)

Example Configurations