ALritma T

Our high performance touch screen controlled ALritma T print and apply labeller maintains all the advanced features of our standard 'apply only' ALritma labelling head on which it is based, but also integrates the various dedicated industrial thermal transfer print engines of the world leading thermal printer manufacturer, SATO (or compatible Zebra PAX, Datamax or Toshiba TEC units).

High Performance Batch Print & Apply Labeller

ALritma T

With industry best print speeds of up to 16" per second, combined with label application speeds of up to 60m/min (standard 40m/min) and the option of innovative new features such as an on the fly 'ribbon saver' producing a viable alternate to vastly more expensive moving head thermal print solutions such as a Markem Smart Date or ICE Coder, the ALritma T is one of the fastest print and apply solutions available on the market today - comfortably capable of print and application at more than 200 products per minute.

The secret of the ALritma T's speed is its print engine control system which uses either one or multiple dancing arms to control the print synchronisation of the printer with label application, meaning the unit is both able to print and apply simultaneously and is thus, 'like for like' at least twice as fast as any traditional one to one print and apply applicator such as our ALcode 'One to One' Print and Apply System.

The ALritma T is also a more user friendly machine than any one to one system, not restricted to single label sizes and without the need for manual adjustment, for example to change the label position, the unit is controlled by a powerful microprocessor equipped with a multi language Touch-Screen display, providing the user with all the most common adjustment functions in one simple main screen.

Once set these functions can then be saved for up to 40 product/label combinations, considerably simplifying and speeding product changeovers.

Control Functions include:

  • Label pre-dispensing adjustment
  • Adjustment of label dispensing speed
  • Labelling delay adjustment in mm
  • Storing of 40 different labelling formats
  • Automatic recovery of missing labels
  • Progressive and regressive pieces counter
  • Automatic removal of double detection (via inhibit function)
  • Shift register between product sensors and label positioning point
  • End-of-roll alarm and web break alarm
  • Output for connection to other systems
  • Option to encoder speed synchronise the unit with the labelling belt in the case of speed variation

Of note, the ALritma T also has no air requirements and can still act as a standard apply only applicator if required making it extremely flexible - especially for promotional labelling applications where sometimes a variable price point is printed and applied and other times just a pre printed label applied.

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Key Features

  • High speed batch print & apply machine, for speeds up to 300 labels per minute/ 40m/min
  • Independent loop arm label reel controller allows the ability to 'just apply' if required
  • No air requirements. Extremely intuitive to use
  • Complete label flexibility - labels of different sizes & shapes can be used without the need for change parts

Technical Specifications

Label Width Max According to printer
Control Display touch screen
Machine body protection According to printer
Standard alarms End of roll / Web break / Drag open
Near end of roll check Optional
Encoder Optional
Coder/TT Printer SATO module or compatibles
Max Speed 40 mt/min
Memory capacity 40 formats
Unwind unit Ø 300 mm
Missing Labels Recovery Current
Pneumatics Applicators Optional
Transparent Label Sensor Optional
Power Supply 240 V - 50 Hz - 400 W

Example Configurations