Base, Top & Bottom Labelling Systems

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Whether through necessity, "the product can only be presented in this orientation" or logic - "products are all the same height when labelled from the bottom"; we have a range of base labelling solutions or base and top (top & bottom labellers) capable of meeting both simple and demanding requirements, integrating our full labelling head range and the possibilities this brings.

Two Sections & Twin Side Belt Base Labelling Systems

ALbelt Base, Top & Bottom

ALTech offers a wide variety of base, top and bottom labelling solutions. Our labelling heads, which can be rotated through a full 360 degrees, offer optimum product flexibility. The two most common forms of base/underside labelling handling systems can be categorised as follows:

Some typical machine configurations include:

Split Belt Base, Base & Top labelling System

Utilising our workhorse ALstep labelling head(s), we combine our ALbelt two sections conveying system with a top mounted and inverted underside mounted ALstep labelling head. This allows the machine to label the underside/bottom of the product using a fixed peeler applicator that applies the label through a gap in the conveyor. The weight of the product is then used to ensure the label is fully adapted as it continues along the line.

The configuration of the machines can be tailored to industry or manufacturing specifications. Where space is at a premium, an ultra compact version is available (with a conveyor length of just over one meter) and for food processing lines, machines can be constructed out of full stainless steel with easy clean belts and minimisation of catch collection points.

Print and apply is also an option in both batch and real time ‘one to one’ printing formats, even for the base labelling head. This is particularly relevant to real time print data applications (i.e. where a specific label must be matched to a specific product), where commonly most manufacturers rely on a risk prone batch/sequencing print solution, with printed labels sequenced to the application point.

Our innovative vacuum belt ALcode machine replicates the properties of a peeler bar applicator, feeding the label directly from the print engine up through the split belt conveyor on a speed matching vacuum belt.

Where the product is light or unstable, or ultimate precision is desired (e.g. with a toiletry or pharmaceutical product), the split belt conveyor system can be supplemented with a dual synchronised side belt system to grip and hold the product as it is labelled; this ensures ultimate stability and accuracy.

This higher level specification machine is usually matched to our more premium ALritma touch screen controlled labelling heads, whilst all solutions can be supplemented with numerous additional options such as transparent label sensors and/or a label checking system.

Synchronised Side Belt Base, Base Top & Bottom Labelling Systems

Our impressive synchronised side belt underside labelling system, with precision auto centring adjustment, uses powerful servo motor technology to provide a high precision labelling solution; ideal for integrating into an existing manufacturing line.

The benefit of this extended side belt system is that it can also be used to transfer products between butt end connected conveyors. This is achieved by overlapping the existing conveyor to stabilise and hold the product as it is transferred onto the labelling system. The system can also fit it into a space which even the smallest split belt system could not be placed.

The side belt labelling system is largely used in cosmetics/toiletries applications, but can also prove valuable in food and beverage production lines. The system offers key benefits in precision top/bottom labelling applications; many of which are also true of the side belt supplemented split belt system discussed above.

One specific example is a non-stop configuration which holds and spaces the products between the labelling heads. We can then use our sophisticated control systems, extraction slide systems and pneumatic peeler engagement system to automatically change between labelling heads for a completely non-stop solution.

As with all our machines, the design and build of the machine is tailored to the environment the machine is to be placed, and as a labelling machinery specialist, we focus on the solution to suit all sectors; from pharmaceutical to food and beverage.

Key Features

  • Economical base (or base + top) labelling solutions for price sensitive and/or slow speed applications
  • Precision side belt systems for high accuracy applications
  • Full range of label print and coding options: including real time variable data underside solutions
  • Side belt conveyor systems - for ultra compact installations or retrofit installation

Example Configurations