ALbelt C

We believe our economical ALbelt C wraparound labelling system for cylindrical/round products such as bottles, jars and pots, represents one of the best value entry level belt conveyor based standalone labelling machines of its type in the market.

Economical Belt Conveyor Wraparound Labelling System

ALbelt C

ALbelt C systems are based around our workhorse ALstep labelling head, combined with a open based ALbelt frame with rubberised belt conveyor, to create an extremely flexible, economical entry level conveyor wraparound labelling system.

A modular machine that is built to your requirements and that has the potential to grow with your business; machines are generally used in a standalone format with the potential for low to medium speed inline use in the future should you require it. Application speed is dependent on the size of the product and the frequency of product on the conveyor, but typical speeds of 40-60 products p/minute are normal.

ALbelt C incorporates the same direct wraparound, on peeler application system as our high performance ALline machine series, offering excellent product range flexibility, accuracy and speed. Machines also have the possibility to withdraw this belt and function as a standard side labeller if required (with flat, but not elliptical products), with conveyor widths tailored to the product range presented.

A popular configuration of our ALbelt C machine is the fitting of a SATO LT thermal transfer print module, controlled via an independent dancing arm (ALstep T). This unit allows real time label print and application with or without a ribbon (direct thermal) and is commonly used for date coding and/or full label personalisation, perhaps with a pre-printed generic label stock; ideal for customers with small batch runs.

Finally, it is also possible to configure the machine with a secondary top labelling head; e.g. to apply a lid label in the same pass, and to even add a simple adaption system for tamper seal labels for example, as afforded by the machines flexible base design.

Key Features

  • Entry level conveyor based wraparound labelling system for cylindrical/round products
  • Can also be used for single side panel labelling of flat sided products
  • Possibility to add inline printer
  • Possibility to add a secondary top labelling head and/or tamper adaption system

Example Configurations