ALbelt E

ALbelt E is an economical single label side panel labelling system, for products that are either unstable and/or require orientation (elliptical/oval products) where simple side guides are not sufficient.

It is an entry level solution, ideal for customers who cannot justify our fully automatic ALline E front-back labelling system (applying two labels in a single pass), and where no viable desktop solution is available.

Economy Side Panel/Elliptical Product Labelling System

ALbelt E

ALbelt E is configured around a robust open base structure, workhorse ALstep labelling head and rubberised belt conveyor; supplemented with a top stabilisation/holding belt; for light or unstable products. The further option of a side belt pre-aligner is also available for elliptical/oval products which cannot be consistently orientated with simple guides.

The alignment system works by removing what is commonly known as ’guide slack’; where a product can still be twisted between a set of guides even with them positioned tightly on its sides. Our side belt alignment belt (one of the simpler orientation systems of our fully automatic ALline series machine) works to minimise this inaccuracy by consistently twisting these products within the guides to the same angle position.

Once orientated there is then a transfer point, where the product is momentarily being held by the drive of both the side belt and now the upper stabiliser belt, which will then maintain the products position to the labelling head, resulting in a consistent, accurate label application.

ALbelt E machines are generally purchased as standalone systems, fed manually by the operator at a throughput of up to 60 products per minute depending on the operator and product. They can be configured with a full range of options including transparent label sensors for clear labels (commonly used with cosmetics, toiletry and shampoo products) or batch and date code printers such as a hotfoil impact printer which is commonly used with chemical trigger spray products.

Although the performance of an ALbelt E machine is far beyond that of a desktop machine, the requirement for continuous motion (usually in the form of a conveyor) to label the product types discussed means that viable solutions of this type do not really exist, and for this reason an ALbelt E machine is often an entry level, ‘first machine’ solution.

Key Features

  • Entry level machine
  • For light/unstable and/or elliptical/oval shaped products
  • Transparent label and batch code printing options
  • Highly robust design and build
  • Fast labelling rates, typically between 40-50 products p/minute

Example Configurations