ALfeed Feed & Labelling Systems

We have developed a wide range of proven feed and labelling systems capable of dramatically improving the efficiency of many common manual off-line labelling processes, such as flat cartons or foil bags. The performance and infeed/outfeed capacities of these systems are defined by the customer’s needs, with solutions incorporating such technologies as friction feeding or pick and place; multi belt conveyors and vacuum base systems as well as outfeed shingle collection conveyors and even product stacking solutions.

Complete Feed & Handling Systems

ALfeed Feed & Labelling Systems

Our experience and in-house technical skill set in creating highly effective standalone feed and labelling systems, integrating a variety of complimentary secondary technologies and; where required, our own custom solutions; has helped us develop an unmatched range of proven feed and labelling systems for an extremely wide range of product types.

ALfeed is the name we have given to probably the most popular feeder/labeller solution we offer. This combines a multi-belt high grip ALbelt conveying system (with or without vacuum) with a high speed friction feed unit and adjustable outfeed collection tray or shingle indexing belt; for autonomous feed-label-restack.

We have built ALfeed systems for the following product types:

  • Flat cartons and sleeves
  • Rigid and foil bags (including doyle bag vacuum pouches)
  • Sheets and card
  • Mail & postal products
  • Sim cards and credit cards
  • Swing tags (without cord)
  • Inkjet head integration – for offline carton coding OR labelling
  • Hologram labelling

The performance of the system is definable, and generally dictated by the labelling head chosen. ALstep based ALfeed systems offer a typical performance up to 100 products p/minute, whilst our more performing ALritma machines offers speeds of more than 250 products p/minute. Both include the potential to mount an inline TT/DT print module, for real time label print and apply.

Further ALfeed Solutions

Pick and Place and Stack Feeding Solutions

Where friction feeding is not suitable, either due to the size or type of product being handled, we have developed/integrated a number of further stand solutions which include:

  • Pick and place feeding: for flexible bags, sacks or product of varying shape/thickness
  • Stack feeding: for regular shaped formed cartons, books or DVD type products; feeding from a horizontal stack

We have also developed a host of special solutions which are unique to ALTech. Many of these are now the industry standard, such as our solutions for feeding CD, DVD and books; whilst our outer carton corrugate box feed system offers enormous potential for dramatic labour savings, even with many box sizes and label formats.

Flat Corrugate Carton Box Feeder

One of our most successful bespoke feeder designs is our flat corrugate carton box feeder. The solution was originally developed for a snack foods customer who was using considerable manual labour to label their boxes because they had too many box formats, label sizes and application positions to automate; or so they believed.

By considering the problem as offline feed-labelling system, we were to simplify the variable application positions as even the most complex ‘front label + side label’ could be completed in single pass using only a single labelling head via our advanced multi label application function combined with the fact both faces were flat.

However, the key requirement of the customer was for a feeder that could feed their full box range, with changeover times in less than a couple of minutes, but with the capacity to feed a full 1000mm stack of corrugate boxes from hopper to trolley. Our solution fulfilled all these requirements, labelling in two hours operated by a single person, what was taking four full time staff the whole day previously; with the added benefit the labels were applied straight!

Key Features

  • Standalone feed and labelling solutions
  • Friction feed, pick and place, stack feeders, custom solutions
  • Multi belt & vacuum conveyors
  • Economical and performing configurations; built to your requirements
  • Possibility to also integrate secondary coding and/or verification solutions (to make use of the feeder/base handling system), e.g. for off-line carton date/batch coding.