ALline 3-roller

ALline 3-roller wraparound labelling systems, also known as tri-roller or in-phase labelling systems provide the ultimate in precision wraparound labelling with the possibility of applying the label registered rotationally to another feature on the product.

High precision and/or registered wraparound labelling

ALline 3-Roller

ALline 3-roller labelling systems are designed for labelling cylindrical products in a method that ensures the correct vertical positioning of the product (removing any potential base inaccuracy) as well as allowing the possibility of applying the label registered rotationally to an existing feature of the container; e.g. the seam or handle of a can, cartouche of a bottle or a pre-existing label or artwork already present.

They operate by controlling the release of individual product to a three-roller capture system, consisting of a powered roller and two idle rollers, easily adjustable by screw thread to different diameter products and fed by one or multiple labelling heads depending on the requirements of the application (e.g. full wraparound, front & back wraparound, registered neck label application etc).

Machine throughput is of course a relative of the containers diameter, but the stop-start nature of a 3-roller application system does mean that application speeds are lower than comparative direct wraparound machines, such as our ALline C machine; typical application speeds range from 25-60 products p/minute depending on the machines module configuration and if there is a requirement to register the label.

Perhaps offering the ultimate in machine flexibility, a popular ALline configuration, available both with our ALline C and ALline E machines combines the functionality of our direct wraparound and 3-roller wraparound labelling systems, using the direct wraparound belt as the main drive roller when operating as a 3 roller solution; e.g. giving the possibility of two running modes - direct wraparound high speed labelling + 3-roller registered label application, in a single machine.

3-roller ALline solutions also often provide the correct solution to complex and challenging tapered product labelling requirements (e.g. soup pots, pails and pots), allowing the inclination of the labelling head to be exactly matched to the taper angle of the container, with the product stationary in front of the labelling head providing the most controlled accurate label release on to the product possible.

Key Features

  • High precision wraparound labelling of cylindrical products
  • Possibility of registered in-phase labelling
  • Compact economical and high performance configurations
  • Designed for standalone or inline use

Technical Specifications

Power supply 400V 50 Hz three-phase (single phase optional)
Power Consumption 1 KW
Performances Up to 60 pcs min (3,600 p/h)

Example Configurations