ALline Horizontal

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ALline Horizontal machines are specifically designed for cylindrical shape wraparound labelling of products of either poor or no standing base, or products with a base/height ratio of less than 1/3rd meaning they are potentially unstable when standing vertically.

Roller Conveyor Horizontal Labelling System

ALline Horizontal

Our popular ALline horizontal roller conveyor labelling systems can take many forms and are used with an extremely wide variety of product types; from pharmaceutical vials to salami sausage chubs.

They are particularly suited to those products which either could not or would not easily be labelled in a vertical format on a standard ALline C labelling system, and are designed and built specifically around the product samples presented.

Solutions range from a budget machine, based on our compact mini base, combined with an ALstep labelling head capable of speeds up to around 80 products per minute, to high performance machines, perhaps supplemented by our servo driven rotary carousel bulk hopper feeder, capable of running at more than 200 pieces p/minute.

Key Features

  • Products labelled horizontally
  • For products with poor or no standing base or unstable products
  • Continuous motion and index wraparound labelling solutions
  • Bulk hopper feeder and special infeed possibilities
  • Fully configurable to speed & budget requirements

Technical Specifications

Power supply 400V 50 Hz three-phase (single phase optional)
Power Consumption 1 KW
Performances Up to 300 pcs min (18,000 p/h)