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As one of the most prominent manufacturers of linear self adhesive labelling systems, we are confident that we can display a diversity of proven application solutions and concepts unmatched by any other supplier, to allow us to solve even the most challenging decorative labelling requirements.

Multi Panel, Tamper Tab & Special ALline Solutions

ALline Special

Our extensive experience and highly evolved product range has allowed us to develop and standardise a number of innovative proven application concepts, above and beyond the more common labelling formats of cylindrical wraparound (ALline C) and front-back labelling (ALline E).

Most notable among these solutions we highlight our 'U-gate' adaptation system, for multi panel three or four face label application on square, rectangular or even special shaped products and our high speed rotary adaption system, for tamper tab or watchstrap label application which we describe in more detail below.

We also detail some more general Special Configurations, including non-stop operation multi head solutions and multi function machines, perhaps incorporating both the functionality described below with wraparound and front-back labelling abilities for example.

Proven Special Solutions

Multi Panel Labelling - 'U-gate' Adaption System:

Our U-gate adaption system allows label application around two or three faces of a product, and even via the assistance of an after wraparound unit, four faces. The system can be used with both square and rectangular products as well as special shaped & rounded products.

The solution operates in combination with a secondary top holding/stabilisation belt (and pre-orientation unit if required), pre-dispensing the label across our U-gate system. Here it is momentarily held via the assistance of a triggered air support unit, before the product is driven through the label, applying it around two or three panels of the product adapted by the opening gate unit.

Two key features that distinguish our solution for others:

  • Our solution is designed for high volume use; our spring loaded solid gate design will not wear out or develop 'memory' as per any solution using just simple flaps to achieve a similar effect.
  • 'Label flag'; our label applicators feature a sophisticated label dispensing function where the feed of the label can be split into two parts. In real terms this allows us to keep the peeler close to the product and pre-dispense only the 'front' element of the label, feeding the remainder of the label as the product is driven through the U-gate system, so maintaining greater control than fully pre-dispensing it.
Tamper & Watchstrap Labelling - Rotary Adaption System:

Our high-speed rotary adaption system is a great example of our innovation. Based on the same stepper motor technology that drives our labelling heads, and supplied with its own touch screen interface control, capable of being fully synchronised with the other elements of the machine, this 'always ready' solution is extremely fast; capable of speeds of up to 300 pieces p/min in certain situations.

This speed of movement is what also contributes to a more accurate label application, with little or no label drag back as compared to more commonly used pneumatically operated solutions, especially where the label is long or needs to be applied against the direction of product movement.

Common uses for the solution include tamper tab adaption, either from the side or above the product as a separate tamper label or a combination body label with integrated tamper tab; and also for 'watch-strap' label application, adapting the label down the two horizontally opposed sides of container; e.g. for tax strip labelling, labelling coleslaw and salad pots, sealing a box etc.

Special Solutions - Non-Stop Operation & Multi Function Machines:

A common 'special' ALline machine configuration is the placement of multiple labelling heads in series, either to allow non-stop operation, supplied with a sophisticated control unit which tracks products between the labelling heads (to ensure label placement on every product even at head changeover), or to reduce changeover times, allowing the next job to run to be pre-loaded.

As an alternative to this solution, we offer both enlarged (up to 500mm) label unwind reel systems as well as the possibility of splicing systems, to allow almost continual machine operation and reduced downtime.

Most of the machines we build would be described as multi-functional, not labelling a single product but a range of products. In many cases these machines will combine the solutions discussed above with some of the other ALline machine configurations listed; e.g. ALline C wraparound machines with tamper adaption systems; ALline E front-back machines with 3-panel label options etc.

We literally build hundreds of ALline machines each year, with modular design allowing us to create specific tailored machine solutions to optimise the machine for the application presented. Consequently our library of completed solutions is huge - far greater than could possibly be presented in this website, but in most cases there is a high priority we have already labelled your product or something very similar. Please contact us to discuss this.

Key Features

  • Multi panel 2, 3 or 4 face labelling via U-gate
  • Tamper tab & watch strap labelling via high speed rotary adaption system
  • Non-stop multi head machine configurations and enlarged unwind reels/splicing systems
  • Multi function solutions; combination can be combined with both ALline C & ALline E machine configurations as well as ALline 3-roller

Technical Specifications

Power supply 400V 50 Hz three-phase (single phase opt)
Power Consumption 1 KW
Performances Up to 500 pcs/min adjustable