Case Studies

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September’s machine of the month is a multi functional C & D-wrap clam shell labelling system designed for a leading manufacturer of occasion cakes and chilled desserts. The machine features infeed spacing belts to both perfectly pitch products to the labelling head and, via the aid of a flow control build back sensor, back products up and align them at the infeed to the labelling system. This solution provides a highly accurate label application where simple guides were unlikely to have sufficiently straightened the product.

The machine applies a variety of narrow edge leading labels to various sizes of clam shells in both C-wrap format, where the label is applied on the top, front and base of the container, and also in D-wrap format, where the label is extended to also wrap up the rear panel of the container. Whilst this particular D-wrap solution applies the label via a narrow edge leading format, we can also configure our machines to apply a wide edge leading label – click here for alternative case study.

This D-wrap labelling function has allowed the customer to move from a two label application, with a separate tamper evidence label on the rear of the clam shell, to a single all encompassing label, saving both material cost and labour. It has also meant that the customer can feed the product in a more optimal orientation to further increase line efficiency.