Case Studies

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November’s machine of the month is a desktop utilisation of an industrial print engine, providing hot-swap possibilities to support our end of line ALcode print and apply machines. The solution shown in the video below also includes an ALwind rewinder to automatically rewind the printed labels ready for future application.

This solution is frequently placed in a production office or label room and used as a standard label printer. However, unlike most typical desktop machines, this system is able to operate with large full size label reels used on our automatic applicators. The flexibility of this machine highlights the benefits of our integrated industrial print engine design which is easily detachable using a simple 5 bolt and 1 plug removal. There is no need to dismount or adjust any other machine components so the print engine can be hot swapped for maintenance or repair purposes, therefore, maintaining a near continual operation of the production line.

This system is ideal for customers with multiple lines, providing a relatively low cost solution to ensure line uptime and allow relaxed maintenance repair of a device with consumable components (platen rollers, print heads etc), which no matter how good the print engine is, will require changeover on occasion. By using the machine in a desktop format (rather than packing it away in a store room) there is also much less chance of parts being “borrowed” from it and therefore, not functioning when you need it.

The SATO S84 EX and Zebra ZE500 print engines (our most commonly selected models) are both highly featured machines, representing the pinnacle in thermal transfer print technology; conceived from the outset for automatic print and apply use in harsh industrial environments, they are often the silent forgotten workhorses of most factories.

This solution highlights just one of the benefits of our ALcode machine range vs. our competitor’s systems. The integration of a print head within the applicator (as per our competitor’s solutions) means that when it fails or requires maintenance the machine is inoperable and consequently the line stops. Not only are our print engines interchangeable they also offer the most flexible print data solutions, using industry standard languages which enable the customer to specify the software package and/or supplier should they have a preference.