Case Studies

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October’s machine of the month is a low cost ALwrap solution with label registration designed for Warner Edwards, a high end gin distillers based in Harrington, Northampton.

Warner Edward’s system is an innovatively configured version of our popular ALwrap low cost desktop bottle labelling machine, designed to apply two labels (in separate product placements) onto their recently redesigned and intricately etched cylindrical glass bottles.

The positioning of each label is registered to the barcode (which forms a part of the etched bottle embellishment) using a simple and low cost barcode scanner as a trigger point. From this, a delay (adjustable in mm) is then set to perfectly position the label in relation to this registration point.

Warner Edwards have varied labelling requirements relative to the bottle/product specification, the machine is, therefore, pre-set with recipe formats for each label type to automatically synchronise it to the correct settings.