Case Studies

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April’s machine of the month is an entry level ALbelt E multi panel jar labelling system designed for Sun Valley, a market leading supplier of nuts and dried fruit mixes.

The solution was fitted with a U-gate adaptation system, to facilitate an accurate multi panel label application on three faces of the jars. It also uses ALTech’s well proven side belt aligner orientation system to consistently position the jars on the belt. This was required as the panels of the jars are slightly rounded meaning that they cannot be accurately positioned using simple guides.

The label itself is applied over the three panels via the slalom door U-gate system, pre-dispensing the label across the path of the pre-orientated product then feeding the remaining  section of the label down the side of the jar as it is driven through the gates.

The solution incorporates ALTech’s low cost, yet highly robust ALstep labelling head and a new technology TIJ thermal inkjet coding unit which prints the date code in real time onto each label, making it a highly accurate and economical multi panel labelling system.