Case Studies

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November’s machine of the month is a non-stop pouch/bag labelling system provided by multiple ALritma S labelling heads installed into a major producer of pharmaceutical products. Ten labelling heads were integrated into their new multi-line packaging machine to apply multi-page booklets onto the top of painkiller bags.

The configuration of the line would not allow it to be stopped for label changeover; in order to facilitate continual application of the labels, two ALritma heads were installed on each of the five lines. Each pair of label heads is managed by a sophisticated non-stop logic microprocessor which senses the near end of a roll (or machine error) and automatically switches from one head to the other (either forwards or backwards), without leaving any un-labelled products. The label changeover is also simplified by a pneumatic cylinder that lifts the peeler bar, allowing clearance between the peeler bar and the products passing on the conveyor.

Watch the machine in action

View a 3D animation of the machine