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A revolution in automatic pallet labelling

By combing two of our well proven print and apply products; our ALcode P multi face pallet labelling system and ALcode LL LINERLESS label applicator, we believe we may have a product that is a winning combination both from a cost and functionality point of view.

Having just completed a successful installation with a major soft drinks manufacturer applying A5 GS1 standard serial shipping labels (SSCC) on two or where required, to three faces of a pallet, the advantages of the LINERLESS pallet labelling machine (ALcode P LL) over traditional print and apply machines are clear.

These include:

Only a small premium over a standard ALcode P pallet labelling machine – easily off set by the label cost saving (around 20%) in only a matter of months.

More than double the run time between label reel changes – especially important with large labels sizes where normally only 1000-1500 labels can be fitted on a reel and larger diameter reels can not be handled by operators.

Labels compatibility with pallet stretch film: the application of a BOPP label on the pallet stretch film makes the scrap totally recyclable.

A pure waste product. (ISO 14000, EN 13428:2004).

Improved barcode print definition / read rate – see this image showing the sharpness of line definition achieved on the synthetic linerless material vs. standard paper labels.

Improved print head life – less energy is required to print the image, and this combined with the fact there is virtually no label dust with the linerless material means machines also benefit from extended print head life vs. standard paper labels.

Reduced shipping and storage costs – more labels per reel means less reels to store and less shipping costs to receive.

In short, with the ALcode P LL LINERLESS you have a pallet labelling machine that runs for longer, costs you less and produces a higher quality, sharper pallet shipping label. All this whilst reducing your packaging waste and helping protect the environment.

The future we think…