ALdroid is an exciting development of our software label design, print and middleware interface solutions developed specifically to operate on an Android mobile or tablet device.

Middleware Integration Software


ALdroid is a working progress, but an extremely exciting one! Imagine if you could monitor, control and print from your Android mobile device from anywhere in your factory with a wireless LAN connection.

Select or monitor what is being printed, who is printing it and production throughput statistics all in real time and from the convenience of your mobile phone - the possibility is now a reality!

We have working versions of ALdroid that allow you to design (in combination with ALsoft), print and enter variable 'on demand data' (at the point of print) from your Android device, interfacing with a local or network databases for real time print data removing the need for a costly PC interface.

We also have an ALdroid version of our 'ALcheck' barcode inspection and verification system, enhancing this already powerful solution to potentially combine label printing and label verification; for example between connected product labelling phases, fully integrated with your host control solutions.

ALdroid is being developed by our in-house software development team. Please contact us to discuss your Android label printing requirements further.

Key Features

  • Design and print labels from your tablet or mobile Android device
  • Combine label printing and barcode inspection/verification
  • Monitor machine status or production throughput remotely on your Android device