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ALware is our bundle of middleware software solutions for the seamless integration of our print and apply systems in to your production workflows.

Middleware Integration Software


ALware is the generic name we give to our middleware software solutions to integrate our print and apply machines (or desktop print systems) with your host control systems such as SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle and AS400.

ALware solutions are developed and supported in-house by our talented development team for complete integration into your existing hardware and software infrastructure.

We have a range of proven software module solutions to complete a wide range of the most common middleware labelling requirements. Examples include:

  • Real time identification of the product with changing print data even running at high speed (e.g. postal shipping labels, variable price point labels, pallet labels)
  • Automatic download of label print data for connected production processes with integrated barcode data checking
  • Real time document printing solutions; for advice notes, picking lists, invoices etc
  • Sequential or serial number labelling; for license plate tracking labels etc

Key to all ALware applications is user interface simplicity. Most solutions include a visual representation of the complete process cycle, editable help text to enable the inclusion of specific keywords for your business (or alternate language variations) and step by step help systems with in situ photographs of problem resolutions.

All these programmes can of course be adapted and extended according to your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your exact needs.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with your host control solution
  • Proven software modules for most common requirements
  • In-house support and development
  • Intuitive user interfaces