Textile & Apparel Labelling

Tailored to your needs, our experienced staff can advise, specify and arrange for commissioning and installation of complete turn key in house wash care label print systems including matching textile label and thermal ribbon combinations to provide you with a fully wash resistant label print.

Our experienced staff can provide you with a complete and professional labelling solution that meets your needs. We can either upgrade your current solution or if you are just starting out with an automated solution we can provide you a cost effective labelling system.

Our ALsoft and ALsoft Direct labelling products are supplied with a full range of scalable true type wash care symbols to reduce the time spent preparing the label design and to increase the time spent enjoying the benefits of a complete labelling system.

Our ALsoft package will work with any printer that Windows supports, if speed is your main concern then our ALsoft Direct package is your choice which is designed to work direct to specific printers for maximum speed.

ALTech can provide a wide range of textile label fabrics of both adhesive backed and non adhesive reel form designed for thermal transfer printing. Whether you need labels for clothing, furniture fabrics, seat belts etc, ALTech's extensive product range are sure to be able to meet your needs.

Our pure resin ribbon developed for printing wash care labels in the textile industry. Best suited to polysatins and nylons, the printed image offers excellent resistance to dry cleaning and both home and industrial washing, bleaching and ironing.

If this sounds like an ideal package to you and is just what you need feel free to give us a call on 0870 803 2967 or contact us via this form to get a quote.