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Sato CG Series Desktop Printer

Sato CG Series

CG Series Unrivalled performance convenience and versatility in a compact desktop printer.

 •2" (CG2) or 4" (CG4)wide printing

 •12mm-60mm label width (inc liner)

 •203 or 305 dpi

 •Up to 101mm/sec print speed (4ips)


Sato TH2 Desktop Printer

Sato TH2

TH2 portable, standalone, feature-rich, intelligent label printer

 •Direct thermal

 •56mm max print width

 •203 dpi

 •Up to 100mm/sec print speed (4ips)

Sato CT4i Series Desktop Printer

Sato CT4i Series

The CT4i is compact and versatile desktop printer

 •104mm max print width

 •25mm-115mm label width (inc liner)

 •203 dpi (CT408i) / 305dpi (CT412i) / 609dpi (CT424I)

 •Up to 152mm/sec (CT408i)/ 102mm/sec (CT412i) / 76mm/sec (CT424i) max print speed

Sato GL4e Series Industrial Printer

Sato GL4e Series

The GL4e Series is Powerful and versatile industrial printer.

 •104mm print width

 •203 dpi (GL408e) or 305 dpi (GL412e)

 •USB - RS232C - Parallel; Opt: LAN. Wireless LAN

 •Up to 254mm/sec print speed (10ips)


Sato CL4e Series Industrial Printer

Sato CL4e Series

The CL4"e" Series printers offer high speed data transmission, unparalleled processing speed and large amounts of on-board memory to quickly and easily manage any label printing requirement.

 •104mm print width

 •203 dpi (CL408e) or 305dpi (CL412e)

 •16MB RAM

 •Up to 152mm/sec print speed(6ips)

Sato LM4e Series Industrial Printer

Sato LM4e Series

LM4e is a strong and durable entry level industrial printer.

 •104mm max print width

 •22mm - 128mm label width (inc label)

 •203 dpi (LM408e) or 305dpi (LM412e)

 •Up to 152mm/sec print speed (6ips)

 •16MB RAM

Sato M10e Industrial Printer

Sato M10e

The M10e is a wide web industrial printer.

 •267mm max print width

 •128mm - 297mm max label width (inc liner)

 •305 dpi

 •Up to 127mm/sec print speed (5ips)

 •16MB RAM

Sato M84Pro Industrial Printer

Sato M84Pro

The M84Pro is a heavy duty industrial printer for the most demanding applications.

 •104mm max print width

 •22mm - 125mm label width (inc liner)

 •203 dpi (M84Pro 2) / 305 dpi (M84Pro 3) / 609dpi (M84Pro 6)

 •Up to 254mm/sec (M84Pro 2) / 203mm/sec (M84 3) / 152mm/sec (M84Pro 6) max print speeds

 •16MB RAM

Sato GT4e Series Industrial Printer

Sato GT4e Series

GT4e Series is powerful and versatile, high speed industrial printer

 •104mm max print width

 •203 dpi(GT408e) / 305dpi (GT412e) / 609dpi (GT424e)

 •Up to 305mm(12dpi)/sec (GT408e/GT412e)Up to 152mm(6ips)/sec (GT424e) print speed

 • 6MB RAM

Sato CL6e Series Industrial Printer

Sato CL6e Series

The CL6e Series are high speed, versatile wide printing industrial printer.

 •152mm max width print

 •47mm - 177mm max label width (inc liner)

 •203 dip (CL608e) or 305 dpi (CL612i)

 •Up to 150mm/sec print speed

Sato M-10e Industrial Printer

Sato M-10e

SATO`s new M10e was designed with manufacturing applications in mind. This barcode printer creates labels up to a full 11.8 inches wide at a speed of up to 5 inches per second.

 •:267mm max print width

 •128mm-297mm label width (inc liner)

 •305 dpi

 •16MB RAM

 •Up to 127mm/sec print speed (5ips)

Sato DR3 Mid-range Printer

Sato DR3

The DR3 is a multi-purpose tag printer

 •80mm max print width

 •29mm-77mm max label width (inc liner)

 •203 dpi


 •Up to 127mm/sec print speed (5ips)

Sato M5900RVe Mid-Range Printer

Sato M5900RVe

The M5900RVe is a rugged industrial printer with the "e" Series high performance. It is designed specifically for demanding direct thermal applications.

 •112m max print width

 •37-128mm max label width (inc liner)

 •203 dpi

 •16MB RAM

 •Up to 152mm/sec print speed (6ips)

Sato MB2i Series Mobile Printer

Sato MB2i Series

The MB2i Series are compact, rugged and lightweight portable printers

 •Direct thermal

 •48mm max print width

 •25.4mm - 55mm label width (inc liner)

 •67mm (MB200i) or 58mm (MB201i) max diameter


 •irDA - RS232C irDA -RS232C - Bluetooth irDA - RS232C - WLAN

 •Up to 101mm/sec print speed

Sato MB4i Series Mobile Printer

Sato MB4i Series

The MB4i Series are compact, rugged and lightweight portable printers

 •Direct thermal

 •48mm max print width

 •50- 111mm label widt h (inc liner)

 •203pi (MB400i) or 305 dpi (MB410i)

 •irDA - RS232C irDA -RS232C - Bluetooth

 •Up to 101mm/sec print speed