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ALTech PPMA 23

A Walkaround the ALTech UK 2023 PPMA Show Stand

📣 Did you miss the PPMA Show this year? 🎥 All is not lost! You can take a video tour of our stand using the link below. We showcased one of the widest ranges of labelling machines, but this was still just the tip of the iceberg ❄️ in terms of the full range of solutions we have available!…

ALritma L Multi-Label – Polystyrene Boxes

‘Multi-label’ is a standard feature on our ALritma labelling head, even in wide web 300mm ‘L’ form. It allows the accurate placement of multiple labels at user-defined delay distances from a single ‘start’ trigger. It is useful where products cannot be easily individually sensed, as exampled here by applying five separate labels to multi-packs of large polystyrene transport boxes….

Non-Stop Tamper and Body Labelling Machine for Jars

‘L-seal’ and ‘Watchstrap’ tamper labels are increasingly replacing shrink sleeves on jar products due to customer efforts to reduce plastics. Our highly innovative rotary adaption solution allows these labels to be applied and perfectly adapted at high speed, further complemented via the possibility of a non-stop, continual running, dual-head machine configuration, as shown here on a uniquely configured ALline…

Robotic Pallet Labeller

ALrobot – fully robotic pallet labelling machine!

We’re excited about this one! After many years of design and development, we are delighted to announce ‘ALrobot’, a fully robotic turn-key print and apply solution for pallet labelling. Part pallet, full pallet, double stack pallets, multiple label positions, extended strokes – all no issue with ALrobot pallet labeller. A step change in pallet labelling technology! If you are…

ALwind with ALritma

Reel to Reel Over Labelling System ALwind with ALritma (250 Labels per min)

In this case study, we present an economic reel-to-reel label media unwind-to-rewind system with a top-mounted ALritma labelling head, to allow the placement of a label accurately on a base label. We call this an ‘ALwind’ solution, and this particular machine was built for a leading artisan foods customer selling products in jars, to place ‘awards’ labels (usually, ‘Great…

Pre-mixed cocktails labelling machine

Tapered Gin/Spirits Bottle with Tamper Label L-Seal

Pre-mixed cocktails are a relatively new and exciting product in the drinks industry. This impressive ALline labelling machine, recently supplied to our Central London customer, applies L-seal tamper and registered body labels to tapered-shaped glass bottles, typical of the industry, in various size formats. Despite being a challenging application requiring a labelling result expected for a premium product, and…

ALstep Two Position Tamp

ALstep AC03 with Two-Position Application System

Sometimes customers have unusual requirements, like this special ALstep tamp machine, where the customer needed to place labels at two height positions (depending on the arriving tote format). But our knowledgeable team are astutely expert at finding reliable and cost-effective solutions when faced with something new, usually via simple adaptation of an already existing modular solution. #Labelling #Labelingmachine #ALTech…

ALline 3 Roller Registered Body and Angled Lid Labels

In this interesting vitamins and supplements application, we were tasked to place a body label in rotational registration with the angled cap of the container – and then a further lid label on this angled section of the cap. Most will probably have seen the container in a leading high-street pharmacy business with branches throughout the country. There were…

Flat Box Feed Labelling System

Feed & Labelling System for Crash Lock and Corrugate Boxes

To start the new year, we are proud to present this multi-functional box feeding solution able to handle all sizes & types of flat boxes, including both crash lock and corrugated outer case boxes. Feeding crash lock boxes is difficult in its own right due to the uneven distribution of mass. Combining this with the possibility of feeding much…

Tote Four Panel Barcode Labelling with ALcheck ‘Match’ Check

This dual-head ALstep ‘Tamp-Blow’ application solution applies four matching barcodes to totes just after they have been moulded. These barcodes provide the tote with a unique identity for later use in an automated warehouse, and it is imperative all barcodes match. To ensure this, our solution also includes our ALcheck control checking system, which sequence matches the four barcodes…

Proven modular print and apply label application solutions for any barcode identification/traceability requirement.

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