Labelling machines for the logistics industry

Tote Four Panel Barcode Labelling with ALcheck ‘Match’ Check

This dual-head ALstep ‘Tamp-Blow’ application solution applies four matching barcodes to totes just after they have been moulded. These barcodes provide the tote with a unique identity for later use in an automated warehouse, and it is imperative all barcodes match. To ensure this, our solution also includes our ALcheck control checking system, which sequence matches the four barcodes…

ALcode P Extended Stroke

ALcode P Extended Stroke Pallet Labelling Machine for Pallets of Cans

This recent installation extended stroke ALcode P pallet labelling machine uses our incredibly well-proven multi-axe movement application system allowing us to apply A5 labels on two pallet faces in a single stop. We have a comprehensive range of pallet labelling solutions for almost any requirement, including an exciting in-house developed ‘full robot’ solution to be released soon! Watch this…

ALcode Carton Side Labelling LPN Barcode ID

ALcode is a silent workhorse, labelling mail order cartons with both licence plate (LPN) and shipping labels quickly and efficiently in many leading UK automated logistics warehouses. In this video, we are using a SATO Europe S84EX print engine, applying unique LPN barcode labels to adjacent side faces of a ‘just erected’ carton, which will then be allocated and…

Automated Distribution Warehouse Labelling System

ALTech have recently installed multiple ALritma and ALcode labelling heads into Smyths Toys’ new 500,000 sq.ft. Corby automated distribution warehouse with high bay storage and automated picking facilities. Smyths Toys, being one of the leading provider of children’s toys and entertainment products, require 24/7 operation and as such reliable and robust labelling machinery is critical to their business. There…

Postal Logistics Labelling System

June’s machine of the month is a pair of ALcode print and apply machines recently installed within Secured Mail, one of the largest technology enabled e-commerce, retail and postal logistics businesses in the UK. The two machines are configured in series with labels applied to the underside of the product, achieving a total throughput potential of more than 3,500…

Three Face Pallet Labelling System

August’s machine of the month features the ALcode P pallet labelling system. The labeller, installed at an important European food manufacturer’s plant, prints and applies A5 labels to pallets at the end of their packaging line. The system answers the common request to identify each pallet with a unique label, using an alphanumeric format and barcode in compliance with…

Proven modular print and apply label application solutions for any barcode identification/traceability requirement.

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