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ALTech UK label print & apply machines

ALcode Sack Labelling

Flat Sack Print and Apply Labelling – as part of a Sack Filling System

Tamp/Tamp-Blow/Air-Blow application methods 🌬️ are commonly used with print and apply machines because they allow the label to be printed in a different rotation to its application, e.g. printed Portrait, applied Landscape. These solutions all have their place, but often, they are selected through necessity – being the only option available to the competitor – and are not ideally…

ALcode with Vacuum Belt Laminate Boards Print & Apply Labelling

ALcode with Vacuum Belt Applicator offers a host of benefits over other comparable print and apply machines. These include: – One-to-one print (the label printed is the label applied) ✔️ – Long labels or labels of different sizes/shapes ✔️ – No compressed air ✔️ – Best available print technology from Zebra/Sato ✔️ – The possibility to hot-swap the print…

Bakery Print & Apply Machine

ALcode AC05 with 90 Rotation Bakery Products Labelling

ALcode with ‘air-blast’ applicator is an ideal print and apply solution for bakery products, as demonstrated in this recent video. Like all ALcode machines, the solution offers the ability to change the label data at the touch of a button (e.g. for short batch runs), combined with a non-contact application compatible with the delicate nature of the product, including…

Crash Lock Box Feed & Labelling System – with ALcode Print & Apply

Feeding crash lock boxes is not easy because the shape of the box is not regular, meaning it is difficult to manage any significant stack of boxes, required to make an automatic feeder useful. This print and apply labelling solution presents one of a number of feed concepts we have to solve this challenge, also featuring our ALcode one-to-one…


ALcode Modular Print and Apply Application Solutions

ALcode is a genuine ‘one-to-one’ print and apply machine, where the last label printed is the label then applied (without any label buffer), ensuring data integrity. It is available with one of the widest ranges of proven module application solutions of any machine on the market for label application on almost any face, fully optimised to the application’s requirements….

ALcode AC36 Vacuum Belt on Wheel (76 per min)

Does your outer case box or shrink tray labeller ever miss? If so, it is likely that the products arrived too close together, meaning the tamp/tamp-blow application system could not recover in time. With our fully electric ALcode ‘Vacuum Belt’ print and apply machine, this is rarely a problem, shown here in our archive video cruising at 76 labels/min…

ALcode Vacuum Belt – with Corner Adaption

ALcode with Vacuum Belt is also ideally suited to two-face corner wraparound case labelling where labels are inherently long. This is a common request to ensure the label information is visible when the box is palletised. An operation example can be viewed HERE. #ALTech #Printapply #Labelling #Barcode

ALritma T with Software Solution + Stacker and Restacker Magazine Barcode Labelling

We recently supplied this high-speed print and apply labelling system for retail magazines, working in line with an automatic feeder and restacking system to apply barcode ID/price point labels for foreign markets. The ALTech solution included (in-house developed) bespoke control software that imported the customer’s data file to send the correct print information, and a barcode scanner to reconcile…

ALcode Carton Side Labelling LPN Barcode ID

ALcode is a silent workhorse, labelling mail order cartons with both licence plate (LPN) and shipping labels quickly and efficiently in many leading UK automated logistics warehouses. In this video, we are using a SATO Europe S84EX print engine, applying unique LPN barcode labels to adjacent side faces of a ‘just erected’ carton, which will then be allocated and…

ALritma T Base Labelling with Return Conveyor System

Productivity is all about efficiency. This base print & apply labelling system (which allows price point labelling for a huge range of product types for our retail customer) is optimised for single-operator use with a return conveyor system bringing products back to a tote bin beside the loading operator. #packagingsolutions #labelling #productivityimprovement #packagingmachinery

Proven modular print and apply label application solutions for any barcode identification/traceability requirement.

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