ALbelt C

Case studies featuring various configurations of the ALbelt C labelling system.

Drinks Can Labelling Machine (Beer Cans)

July’s machine of the month is an ALbelt C wrap-around labeller designed to label 16 ounce beer cans for a craft brewery in the United States. The solution was required to label a wide variety of beers cans (including seasonal beers) to resolve the problem of purchasing more costly and inflexible pre-printed cans. In response the labeller applies clear…

Electronic Cigarette Refill Bottle Labelling System

With the ever increasing popularity of ‘vaping’ ALTech have experienced a rise in demand for labelling solutions to label Electronic cigarette refill bottles (also known as E-cigarettes, E-liquid and E-juice), supplying everything from low volume desktop machines to fully automatic solutions to complete the application. ALTech’s recent installations include a longstanding customer, contract packer Complete Co-Packaging (also based in South…

Modular Flexibility of ALbelt Systems

December’s machine of the month features 3 ALbelt systems built for Molecular Products, market leaders in chemical technology for the purification of air. Two of the solutions are standard configurations of the ALbelt C and ALbelt E, and the third is a special system designed to label the front of a shaped container. ALbelt machines were chosen due to…

Multi-functional Candle & Diffuser Labelling System

ALTech have designed a machine for Parks London, a long established premium manufacturer of natural wax candles and glycerine diffusers. Parks required an economical and highly flexible machine, predominantly for wraparound labelling on candles and diffuser bottles, but also for flat sided labelling of the candle display boxes. In addition to the range of products to be labelled, many…

ALTech’s ALbelt C Wet Wipe Labelling Machine Features on ITV News

PAL International, a market leader in high level disinfectant wipes, has donated a large supply of wet wipes to West Africa to help prevent the spread of Ebola in worst affected areas.  The wet wipes are labelled by their ALbelt C belt conveyor wraparound labelling machine, an economical and highly robust system ideal for labelling cylindrical tubs. The full…

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