Corrugate Box Feed & Labelling

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Application Overview

Our unique design corrugate box feed and labelling system was developed in house by our UK engineering team to be capable of feeding a 1000mm stack of flat outer cartons from hopper to trolley whilst being accurately labelled on one or multiple faces in a single pass. Carton feeder solutions can be configured with any of our wide range of labelling heads, including our LINERLESS print & apply models, and are built around your box range to provide the perfect labour saving answer for customers who hand label significant quantities of flat corrugated outer cartons or who struggle with multiple labelling outer carton configurations inline. Even when fitted with our most economical ALstep labelling head, feed and labelling speeds of more than 40 boxes per minute are consistently achieved, and with most standard case sizes running between 50-60 units per minute, box labelling activities which used to take multiple operators complete shifts to carry out, can now be completed in a number of hours - with ALL labels applied accurately and consistently. Can you say this about your hand labelling operation?

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