ALsoft Solo

ALsoft SOLO is a unique label printing solution comprising a ‘smart' standalone keyboard and SOLO Studio - a fully featured PC design application.

ALsoft SOLO Studio offers an intuitive and uniquely WYSIWYG interface allowing users to design templates in any format with barcodes, images, symbols and other graphical elements, all exactly as they will be printed.

ALSoft Thumbnail

ALSoft Thumbnail

Label content can be sourced at print time from database records, keyboard input and other sources. Serial numbers, date/time stamps, price calculations and powerful macro scripts can all be added to the label design with the help of SOLO Studio's intuitive wizards and interface controls.

Label templates can be transferred to the standalone keyboard at any point using SOLO Studio 's integrated Keyboard Builder feature which automatically connects to the keyboard and transfers the selected templates along with all related graphic files and data.

ALsoft SOLO Studio allows industry standard labels to be created in minutes while the simplicity and robust design of the standalone keyboard make it suitable for use by non-technical personnel in virtually any environment. With compatible devices available including hand-held scanners and weigh scales, ALsoft SOLO offers a versatile solution with countless applications across various industries.

  • Print variable labels without a PC or any programming
  • Easily operated by non-technical staff
  • Robust, ergonomic design
  • Simple keyboard operation with custom display prompts
  • Minimal maintenance, training & support
  • Unique WYSIWYG design software
  • Compatible with barcode scanners and weigh scales
  • Suitable for print & apply applications
  • Compatible with leading thermal transfer printer ranges
  • Available as a complete 'out-of-the-box' solution