ALritma X

Case studies featuring various configurations of the ALritma X, either free-standing or as part of a larger labelling system.

ALfeeder with ALritma X & Automatic Rejection System for Flat Cartons

This ALfeeder friction feeder with ALritma X labelling head is capable of feed and labelling various formats of flat cartons at more than 250 units per minute for our pharmaceutical and beauty industry specialist carton supplier customer. The solution was designed and built in-house by our UK engineering team and includes a vacuum suction labelling conveyor, ALcheck label inspection…

Juice Bottle Front & Back Labelling System

March’s machine of the month is an ALline linear labelling system built for a producer of fruit juices. The customer required a system to apply front and back product labels to their juice bottles at 170 bpm. The machine was to be placed on their new filling line, with the priority to maximise performance and minimise downtime, optimising productivity….

Watchstrap & Base Labelling System

October’s machine of this month is a top and side wrap labelling system built for a major producer of ready to eat salads / sandwich fillers in Northern Europe. The customer required a ‘watchstrap’ application; in this instance, the label is applied into a recess on the lid of the product, then wrapped onto the side to provide both…

Body and Tamper Seal Labelling System

August’s machine of the month is an ALline C built for Groupe Le Graёt, an important French producer of preserves and jellies. The machine was required to label glass jars at a rate of over 180 products per minute with the flexibility to apply a variety of labels, from a simple partial wrap label to a full wrap body…

Pet Food Tray Labelling Machine

ALTech have designed and built a base labelling system made for a market leader in the pet food industry. It has been placed within their production / packaging line, where the products travel upside down with the opening / labelling side facing the conveyor. The machine provides product spacing and transportation and is largely used to apply base labels at a typical…

Booklet & Peel-reveal Label Application System

ALTech have installed a high performance ALritma X labelling head to apply booklet and peel-reveal labels for a leading manufacturer of labels and leaflets within the healthcare industry. The customer required an applicator to be retrofitted onto their Rotoflex S1000 slitter rewinding system and to place either a booklet or peel-reveal label onto a base label to create an extended…

ALTech Labelling Head Top Speed of 1000 Labels/min

Among its labelling solutions displayed at Ipack-Ima, ALTech demonstrated its ultra-high speed, premium ALritma X labelling head capable of more than 1,000 labels/min. The applicator features a push-pull label web drive system that maintains perfect web tension for ultra-high precision labelling, no matter the label size or pitch. The ALritma X is particularly suited to high volume labelling applications…

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