Case studies on ALline

ALline 3 Roller Registered Body and Angled Lid Labels

In this interesting vitamins and supplements application, we were tasked to place a body label in rotational registration with the angled cap of the container – and then a further lid label on this angled section of the cap. Most will probably have seen the container in a leading high-street pharmacy business with branches throughout the country. There were…

ALline Non-Stop Scroll 5ltr & 10ltr Oil Bottle Labelling

A shortage of sunflower oil and the profound effect this could have on the food industry is currently dominating the news; see BBC NEWS for further details. In 2020 we supplied this non-stop ALline labelling system to ADM in Erith (featured in the above article) to label large bottles of sunflower oil, which present the difficult combination to handle…

ALline for Twin Tube Products with Return Conveyor (U-Gate Application)

Two-part cartridges are commonly used with resin adhesives and other similar products from the building trade. They are challenging to label due to their irregular shape and a normal requirement to wrap the label around multiple panels. We have built many ALline labelling systems over the years to meet this challenge, normally based on a ‘U-gate’ application concept. This…

ALline Powered Movement System Product Changeover Demo

If you have or use a front/back labelling system in your business, watch this video and compare it with your current setup times! In real-time, we change over between five different products in seven minutes thanks to our powered automated setup assistant – now a standard option on any configuration of ALline machine (and also available with our many…

ALline 3-Roller/Direct Wraparound Combination Machine

Our combination ALline 3-Roller/Direct Wraparound labelling machine offers total cylindrical product labelling flexibility. Choose the 3-roller application function for best-possible accuracy or rotational registration. Or linear direct wraparound labelling for high-speed application/maximum throughput. All in one machine. #ALTech #Labelling

ALline C Cylindrical Wraparound Labelling System for Bottles

‘Direct wraparound labelling’ is both a fast and flexible cylindrical product labelling solution, allowing application on-the-fly and commonly used with all types of round products from jars, to bottles, to vials. We offer a number of build levels of machine, from basic entry-level ALbelt systems to our robust and performing ALline C series machines, which are optimised for inline…

ALline 3-Roller Dual Lane – for High-Speed, High Accuracy Labelling of Cylindrical Products with the Possibility of Rotational Registration

Our dual-lane 3-Roller ALline labelling system combines high-speed with high accuracy round product labelling and is particularly suited to toiletry and cosmetic applications. It also allows the possibility to rotationally register the label; e.g. to the seam of an aerosol can, providing a highly effective linear labelling solution where normally a larger (and significantly more expensive) rotary solution would…

ALline 3 Roller Sports Supplements Containers Large to Small Size

We often speak about the flexibility our labelling machines can offer: this ALline 3-Roller machine is a great example, able to label food supplement containers that vary dramatically in size from large to small either empty or full. This is facilitated via the machines modular design and central management recipe controller meaning the setup is simple and repeatable. #Labelling…

ALline 3-Roller/Direct Wraparound Combination Machine – Seam Registered Labelling Aerosol Cans

In this video our customer is labelling almost 40 aerosol cans per minute with full height body labels registered to the seam of the can via their single head ALline 3-Roller labelling system. This is reliably possible due to the flexibility offered by our standard central management control, with a special recipe logic allowing early release of the next…

ALline Horizontal Intermittent Motion for Microtubes with Automatic Bowl Feeder

We have seen a number of requirements to label test tubes of various sizes connected with the current #COVID19 pandemic. One of the more challenging tubes to handle and label are ‘microtubes’ due to their small diameter with a slight taper. Also, they require extremely sharp and crisp print due to inherently small labels that need to be used….

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