Labelling machines for the food industry

Non-Stop Tamper and Body Labelling Machine for Jars

‘L-seal’ and ‘Watchstrap’ tamper labels are increasingly replacing shrink sleeves on jar products due to customer efforts to reduce plastics. Our highly innovative rotary adaption solution allows these labels to be applied and perfectly adapted at high speed, further complemented via the possibility of a non-stop, continual running, dual-head machine configuration, as shown here on a uniquely configured ALline…

Bakery Print & Apply Machine

ALcode AC05 with 90 Rotation Bakery Products Labelling

ALcode with ‘air-blast’ applicator is an ideal print and apply solution for bakery products, as demonstrated in this recent video. Like all ALcode machines, the solution offers the ability to change the label data at the touch of a button (e.g. for short batch runs), combined with a non-contact application compatible with the delicate nature of the product, including…

ALline Non-Stop Scroll 5ltr & 10ltr Oil Bottle Labelling

A shortage of sunflower oil and the profound effect this could have on the food industry is currently dominating the news; see BBC NEWS for further details. In 2020 we supplied this non-stop ALline labelling system to ADM in Erith (featured in the above article) to label large bottles of sunflower oil, which present the difficult combination to handle…

ALbelt Top & Bottom Labelling System for Sliced Meat Trays

This advanced three conveyor section twin-head non-stop base labelling system for sliced meat trays (also with the possibility of top and bottom labelling) provides significant operation efficiencies by limiting changeover downtime. See further examples of our wide-ranging (built to spec) top and bottom labelling solutions HERE. #Labelling #meatindustry #meatprocessing #fishingindustry #packagingmachinery #packagingequipment #packaginginnovations #packagingindustry #supplychain #packaging #machinery #manufacturing

Chocolate Box Tamper Seal Labelling Retrofit

This retro added tamper-seal labelling solution has provided significant efficiency gains to our premium chocolatier customer, as well as enhancing the packaging appearance with ‘always-consistent’ label positioning. We designed a solution to mount around the customers existing packaging conveyor, and specifically applied the label from the side to allow the side rotated box to be base coded via TIJ…

ALbelt ALstep T Corner Wraparound Carton Labelling

A common outer case labelling requirement is to apply the barcode label on two adjacent faces as a corner wraparound. This helps ensure the label can be read when palletised or stacked in racking. This video shows a recent application for two machines placed inline with an automatic carton erector for a snack bar product. Because labels are inherently…

ALline 3-Roller Dressings Bottles with Side Belt Spacing & Hotfoil

Artisan food producers often prefer to use a more traditional ‘hotfoil’ (or embossed) label coding solution for Batch & Expiry information for both practical and aesthetic reasons. #artisanfood #sauces #labelling #coding #ALTech

ALritma L 300mm max label width wide web label applicator from ALTech

ALritma is a performance labelling head available in three size versions; 100mm (S), 200mm (M) and this, the biggest and most robust model, 300mm (L). Such a wide label feed width allows the application of labels as large as ‘A3’ or even bigger! Here is an example from our archive applying an A3 size label to a flat bag…

ALfeeder with ALritma – Flat Carton Labelling

Combining our ALfeeder friction feeder and ALritma labelling head, this recent turnkey feed and labelling system for flat cartons allows our snack foods customer to quickly & efficiently over-label printed flat cartons, covering the existing nutritional and barcode information with foreign market-specific labels to allow them to sell their product in foreign markets with different legislative requirements. See HERE…

Dual Head ALbelt D-wrap with Promo – Workshop Test

We recently completed the installation of a number of impressive ‘non-stop/continuous running’ ‘D-wrap’ or ‘Full wraparound’ tray labelling systems (with promo labellers) for a leading UK seafood producer. These machines are easily capable of running at more than 100 packs per minute, with central management controller making setup and operation a breeze! Watch our quick test of the machine…

Proven modular print and apply label application solutions for any barcode identification/traceability requirement.

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