Case Studies

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July’s machine of the month is a complete system for labelling plastic bottles of motor-oil, built for an important company operating in the petroleum field. The system is based on our ALline E model and provides product gapping, alignment and front-back labelling. At the end of the labelling cycle, the machine checks the label presence and provides automatic rejection of any un-labelled products.

Since the required working speed is relatively high (8500 b/h for the one litre bottle), the machine is configured with two ALrtima X labelling heads that have a 400 mm un-wind unit diameter, to reduce the downtime due to label changeover.

Another interesting solution adopted on this machine is the rejecting system; if the sensors detect a missing label on a product it’s deviated on a parallel conveyor, allowing the rejected products to accumulate in a vertical position. This reduces the risk of damaging the product and prevents oil from spilling out of the bottle.