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August’s machine of the month is a wrap-around ALpharma labelling system built for Tcoag, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer of haemostasis reagents. The system is designed to handle a wide range of vial sizes (16mm to 40mm in diameter) made of both glass and plastic. It has the ability to label 200 vials per minute and is built in strict compliance with the regulations set within the pharmaceutical industry.

A particular challenge with labelling these vials is that, although they are filled with content, they are very lightweight; effectively equivalent to empty containers in standard labelling machinery parameters. To overcome this, the system uses a build back sensor to allow the product to stabilise itself. It is also equipped with a fallen product sensor, with automatic machine stoppage, and a missing label detection system, with an automatic rejection function, ensuring high performance and product assurance; essential within the pharmaceutical industry.

View a 3D model of the machine

View the machine in action