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March’s machine of this month is an ALstep based long arm labelling solution for integration into a vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) bagging machine. Multiple systems were supplied to a food company producing salted snacks to apply consumer convenience ‘peel and reseal’ labels to the preformed bag. This flexible solution was retro-installed on a number of different VFFS machines at the customer’s site.

In order to ensure a reliable and consistent application, the label is applied directly to the packaging film roll on the rear of the forming tube of the VFFS machine. The difference between ALTech’s solution and most competitors is that the application is made after the collar rather than on the web at the rear of the machine; if applied before there is the high possibility (particularly with this type of low tack peel and reseal label) of the label coming off the film before the forming tube.

To allow the vacuum tamp to operate close to the forming tube the ALstep labelling heads feature extended arms to reach inside the VFFS machine from the side; the label is then blown onto the film so it can be applied while the film roll is either stationary or moving. The heads are  electronically connected to the VFFS machines to receive the start signal for labelling and to integrate the sensor alarm to stop the machine in case of a low label roll or broken web. Sliding units on the heads allow them to be extracted from the VFFS machine for a quick and efficient change of label rolls and/or maintenance.

View the 3D machine animation below

View the machines in action below